Passages for People in Pain

A Seminar by Pastor AR Booye
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” Nothing in life is more certain than suffering. And no subject in the Bible is more clearly or profoundly addressed. We could characterize the entire message of the Scriptures as an answer to the agony that our world daily experiences. Christian wisdom has spoken into every form of suffering because the gospel is a message of hope and healing based on the grief, pain, sacrifice, love and victory of God Himself.”
Excerpt from Forward, A.R. Booye
If you are experiencing, or walking alongside another, through a valley that is an inevitable part of life in this age, please take advantage of this free resource from Rick Booye, senior pastor of Trail Christian Fellowship. 
Passages for People in Pain examines five categories of passages that help us interpret and survive long-term trauma in this age:
  1. Passages that validate pain
  2. Passages that focus on future blessing
  3. Passages that combine anguish and hope together
  4. Passages that express God’s promising sovereignty in our suffering
  5. Passages that remind us of the Lord’s companionship. 
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