Welcome to the online home of Willingheart Radio and Trail Christian Fellowship. If you have discovered this page via our radio program, please take advantage of the resources of this site. If you are looking for a program that you heard on the radio (KDOV for our Oregon listeners and Wilkins Radio for the rest of our listeners), put the program number in the search box in the upper right corner. If you do not have the program number, but know the date you heard the program, use the calendar at the bottom of the “TCF on the Radio” page.
The call of Jesus Christ is to live a transformed life. Many of us have confused true transformation with mere behavior modification, which bears little lasting fruit. Outward actions inevitably reflect the thoughts and affections of the inner person, and so a truly transformed life can only come from learning to think and feel with the mind of Jesus Christ.
Our mission at Trail Christian Fellowship and Willingheart radio is ‘Helping people think like Jesus’. This is accomplished by featuring the expositional teaching of God’s Word in all of our broadcasts. Expositional teaching seeks to clearly “expose” the truth of the Bible, and then help the listener draw that truth into how they live and think in daily life. If, by listening to our program, you made a choice to approach life as Jesus Christ would, our mission has been accomplished.