Baptism & Dedication

Baptism at Trail Christian Fellowship


The next Baptism is Sunday, August 18, 2024!

Baptism is an expression of one's conscious decision to give their allegiance to Jesus Christ as Lord, and is therefore something that individuals pursue after personally trusting Jesus. Trail Christian Fellowship hosts several Baptisms each year. If you are ready to take this important step of faith, please listen to “The Obedience of Faith: Baptism”, by picking up an audio CD from the Information Counter or Church Office. Following a brief conversation with a TCF Pastor, you may register for the next Baptism.

If you are wanting to register your child to be baptized please read the Children's Baptism brochure with your child (found below). If your child is ready for the next step please call the church office to set up a time to speak with a TCF Pastor.

Register here for the next Baptism.

To speak with a Pastor, call the Church Office at (541) 878-3501

Download the TCF children’s Baptism Brochure (PDF)

Child & Baby Dedication

What Parent-Child Dedication is & is not

  • A formal moment to thank God, the Giver of life, for the gift of your child.
  • An opportunity to publicly declare your intention to raise your child to love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27).
  • A time of commitment where the church family pledges to encourage, support, and partner with you so that your child will know Christ & be complete in Him.
  • Child Dedication is NOT Baptism. We do not use water.
  • Child Dedication is NOT a guarantee of salvation.

(Please read Dedication brochure for further explanation & details of these things.)

What to do if You are Ready to Dedicate Your Child...

If you would like to have your child (or children) dedicated, your first step is to read the Dedication brochure. It can be found in the link below, in the Youth Center, Information Counter, Nursing Mom's Room or Church Office. After reading the Brochure your next step is to contact the Church Office (541.878.3501) to arrange a date.

Download the TCF Child Dedication brochure (PDF)